Responsibility & Resource

We care about how our contemporary office design goals are achieved, about the effect on people and on the broader environment. We believe in creating spaces that are healthy for occupants, staff, visitors and clients. Put simply, we believe good green interior design nurtures well-being and productivity.


Enviromental responsibility

Our interior design practice decisions also has impact on the environment. We use and specify energy efficient technologies. All of our designs make optimum use of natural daylight.

Environmental responsibility within interior design and architecture can truly help with the return on investment.

Good use of modern energy saving technologies can also cut bills significantly.

We believe in advising all facets of sustainable interior design such as water and energy conservation techniques and waste management, these will all have an effect on reducing your carbon footprint.

Lighting can have a large impact on the green office and correct specification on low energy fittings with motion and zonal occupancy controls can create significant savings. We have designed recent projects with a full LED specification and advised on managing the energy to these with controls such as daylight sensors. This technology works by adjusting the artificial lighting according to the amount of natural light in a room using daylight sensors or photocells can reduce electricity use by up to 40 percent.

Our designs are inherently simple, flexible and streamlined. Our holistic approach ensures end-results that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Contemporary office design is also about flexibility, which future proofs our work for longevity.

Our interior design supply-chain supports local environmentally responsible suppliers, which mean we can keep the carbon footprint of the whole design to delivery process to a minimum.

Social responsibility

Customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by our interior design practice.

We strive use local suppliers and contractors wherever possible as we believe this is important for the local economy.

We look locally for our staff and engage in a programme of support for our local schools and universities by offering working experience, training, and practical assistance wherever possible.


Insurances and Warranties

RFD carry all the necessary insurances to act as designers and suppliers for your project:

A. Employers Liability Insurance Cover
B. Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover
C. Public & Products Liability Insurance Cover

We also make sure all products specified have suitable commercial warranties such as seating and fabrics with 5 year warranties and desking and storage with 10 year warranties against defects.