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26. MAG by Benjamin Vermeulen - content from Dezeen

MAG by Benjamin Vermeulen - interior design and architecture
MAG by Benjamin Vermeulen
MAG by Benjamin Vermeulen from RFD [red frog design ltd]

The need for screws and tools is removed with this flat pack furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen! Construction is made efficient through the use of super strong magnets that click together for smooth assembly. Showcased at Dutch design week, the furniture has minimal components which completely revolutionise how flat pack chairs or tables may be built in the future. A muted colour palette and soft finishes really complete the product.

MAG by Benjamin Vermeulen

25. The importance of Receptions

The importance of Receptions - interior design and architecture
The importance of Receptions
The importance of Receptions from RFD [red frog design ltd]

An office lobby or reception is the first point of human interaction with a company. It can dictate a lot about that business, its ethics and work environment, purely from how it looks. First impressions count for everything. A company may want the client to perceive that it is a fun, cool and modern business through the use of unique or obscure items. Alternatively they may want to appear corporate and sophisticated, using high end and glamorous finishes. Each company is unique, as is their lobby!

The importance of Receptions

24. Glass Manifestation

Glass Manifestation - interior design and architecture
Glass Manifestation
Glass Manifestation from RFD [red frog design ltd]

RFD design and specify a lot of glass partitioning for our projects. We use it for a variety of reasons, from creating additional privacy, to separation of zones and acoustics. Glass manifestation comes hand in hand with glass partitioning. Not only because building regulations state it as a necessity but because it can demonstrate a companies corporate identity whilst becoming the main feature within an artwork scheme. The images attached to this news feed demonstrate a few of the ways that artwork can be applied to glass screens or partitioning because often, it is just a blank canvas.

Glass Manifestation

23. Tabisso Typographia Seating

Tabisso Typographia Seating - interior design and architecture
Tabisso Typographia Seating
Tabisso Typographia Seating from RFD [red frog design ltd]

After catching our eye in this months issue of MIX magazine we keep trying to find an excuse to use these unique seats! We love how they have the ability to create an eye-catching focal point whilst having the flexibility to be personal to any company. Coming in any letter of the alphabet, along with numbers 1-9 and complimentary punctuation lighting our question is, why has nobody thought of this before?

Tabisso Typographia Seating

22. New Urban Retreat Flooring for The Bloc by RFD

New Urban Retreat Flooring for The Bloc by RFD - interior design and architecture
New Urban Retreat Flooring for The Bloc by RFD
New Urban Retreat Flooring for The Bloc by RFD from RFD [red frog design ltd]

We have had our eye on the Urban Retreat One range by Interface for a while now. The Bloc by Allenby Commercial has provided us with the perfect setting to implement this into our design. New offices will surround a landscaped courtyard, that will be reflected in various elements throughout the building. The raw, industrial finishes will be complimented by the moss and stone of the Urban retreat product, allowing us to create a space that visually brings the outside in. By running the moss component next to entrances and glass partitions it will literally look as though the flooring is growing into the offices. Other aspects of the design include the Boss Magic stool that not only adds to the environmental feel, but creates pods of functional seating. Walkways are to be carved out using Karndean Argen, thus adding another dimension to the regulated flow within The Bloc. Once completed, these offices will be one of a kind within the local area, not only in design but in versatility and sustainability. They will provide a unique setting for a variety of different business and create a new, green, fresh and inspired outlook for companies wanting to relocate.

New Urban Retreat Flooring for The Bloc by RFD

21. The Okki Chair by Lyndon

The Okki Chair by Lyndon - interior design and architecture
The Okki Chair by Lyndon
The Okki Chair by Lyndon from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Designed by David fox [the mastermind behind the Boss Kruze chair] the Okki chair has been created with hospitality and corporate environments in mind. Its easy curves and ageless aesthetics lead to a design that is suited to a variety of commercial situations. The hand crafted European oak timber framework and the sinuous surround give the chair a slight Scandinavian feel that make the product incredibly versatile. In the right fabrics we believe that this product could end up being a staple item in many office refurbishments!

The Okki Chair by Lyndon

20. Nola Lamps - Studio Drift - content from Dezeen [imagery only]

Nola Lamps - Studio Drift - interior design and architecture
Nola Lamps - Studio Drift
Nola Lamps - Studio Drift from RFD [red frog design ltd]

These unique glass lamps by Studio Drift have definitely brightened up this rainy autumn morning. The Nola series by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn are a combination of blown glass bell jars with a variety of colourful LEDs in a cork base. By overlapping the lamps, different hues and combinations are created. We very much think the images speak for themselves and they will go in to production in four sizes and four colours.

Nola Lamps - Studio Drift

19. Tolleson - San Francisco, USA - content from Contemporist - Imagery only

Tolleson - San Francisco, USA - interior design and architecture
Tolleson - San Francisco, USA
Tolleson - San Francisco, USA from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Tolleson, a Branding and Creative Agency have recently relocated into new offices based in San Francisco. Previously a showroom for Amtico Flooring, Huntsman Architectural Group aimed to portray the way that the company interacted with its clients. As the building is owned by a company that specialises in the refurbishment of historic properties, unique existing features were able to be retained. Exposed brick walls, wooden trusses and visible structural steelwork play a massive part in the character of this office. The client wanted spaces for client interaction, highlighted through the use of a library, reading area and lounge. Video and editing facilities and a photography studio were also a welcome addition. The reason we like the Tolleson offices so much is not only because of the obviously good design, but because it has elements that we try to achieve in our own work. A fluid circulation between areas create a more efficient workplace, whilst splashes of colour on seat pads, paintings and the bookcase bring in an element of fun. Warm tonal wood finishes and contrasting white calm the area while maintaining an upmarket corporate feel. And who can argue that the existing building features don't bring a character that is harder to achieve in a new build.

Tolleson - San Francisco, USA

18. RFD Announcement - GFSmith Heritage Area and Boardroom

RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Heritage Area and Boardroom - interior design and architecture
RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Heritage Area and Boardroom
RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Heritage Area and Boardroom from RFD [red frog design ltd]

The second half of the phase one refurbishment of GFSmith consisted of the relocation of the boardroom to another part of the building and the introduction of the Heritage area. By using the heritage area as a thoroughfare to the Boardroom, a previously unused area was transformed into an important interaction point, where those exterior to the GFSmith brand could learn about the company and their products. RFD have created a synergy between these two areas through the use of continuous wall coverings and complimentary floorings. The vast majority of furniture items are bespoke, therefore tailored exactly to the needs of GFSmith. Finishes such as gloss white and walnut are replicated on each item so that they belong in the scheme. The Boss Design Pro chair was a huge feature within the project to compliment the bespoke boardroom table. These were finished in a dark grey, high quality leather. Lighting by Hacel was vital to the overall atmosphere within the Boardroom and Heritage Area. The brief was to create a 'gallery like' feel and highlight the products on display. The Arill adjustable fitting was added to focus peoples attention onto specific spots, whilst the Isces pendant was hung over an island display unit.

RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Heritage Area and Boardroom

17. RFD Announcement - GFSmith Cafe

RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Cafe - interior design and architecture
RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Cafe
RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Cafe from RFD [red frog design ltd]

RFD are very pleased to announce that phase one of the GFSmith interior refurbishment has been completed! This section of the news will focus on the new cafe area that contributed to half of these initial works. The brief for the cafe was to create an environment away from the general office that was both comfortable and modern whilst maintaining a high end commercial feel. Employees were to be able to relax in this area and have access to facilities that would increase their well being. Sections of the cafe were separated into individual usable zones thus creating areas of communication. Through the use of Tektura digital wall coverings and high quality commercial flooring, these areas were brought to life. An important addition to the cafe was the sleek modern kitchen. Through the collaboration of bespoke fitted items, a solid kitchen supplier, a collection of well know appliance brands such a Zip hydro tap, and a striking orange glass partition, a stylish yet outstandingly functional zone has been created. Bespoke items were not restricted to the kitchen area. Lining almost every wall within the project were items fitted specifically for GFSmith. Booth seating in a previously unusable space brings people together around a large circular table and creates a multi - functional area. An high internet bar links both this area and the kitchen together. Finally, using Boss design commercial furniture and a variety of 'finishing touches' the GFSmith cafe area came to life and gained back a character and warmth that had been lost after a number of years.

RFD Announcement  - GFSmith Cafe

16. Branding done well - 3M Australia - North Ryde - content from Office Snapshots - [imagery only]

Branding done well - 3M Australia  - North Ryde - interior design and architecture
Branding done well - 3M Australia  - North Ryde
Branding done well - 3M Australia  - North Ryde from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Branding in a workplace will tell you a lot about a company. How you present that particular branding is of even more importance. This is why we believe that 3M Australia, with the help of branding firm THERE, have done the job well. Through the use of wall coverings, murals and glass manifestations the company has projected its character without being completely literal. The new headquarters required a whole new brand environment that was able to depict the companies history and landmarks. Huge graphics illustrate key inventors and show the companies brand history from start to finish whilst each of the 5 floors have a unique pattern that also help blend the transition between areas.

Branding done well - 3M Australia  - North Ryde

15. RFD Focus - Exposed Ceilings - content from Various sources - [imagery only]

RFD Focus - Exposed Ceilings - interior design and architecture
RFD Focus - Exposed Ceilings
RFD Focus - Exposed Ceilings from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Exposed ceilings in Interior Architecture can often cause a conflict of opinions. Whilst some may argue that by exposing the buildings services, you are showing its potentially ugly skeleton, others may say that you are showing its true character. At RFD we believe that if it is done in the right way, this form of ceiling feature can really show a buildings individuality. We are no strangers to exposing the odd HVAC unit or electrical cable. The images featured in this article show offices where we think an exposed ceiling has been done well, through a variety of different techniques. Canvas Co's Washington DC office has a relatively rustic feel through the use of exposed brickwork and natural wooden flooring. However they have tidied up the exposed ceiling by boxing certain elements out and painting the whole area dark grey. The eye is not drawn to a particular pipe or vent through this method and everything more or less blends in. In the Climate Corporations San Francisco Offices untreated concrete beams lead up to the identically finished ceiling. Exposed services here are contained within matching steel pipes. Exposed ceilings can be presented in a number of different ways to create certain office themes or identities. They can add identity without being scruffy, and add character without compromising quality.

RFD Focus - Exposed Ceilings

14. RFD Focus - Bringing the outside, in. - content from Office Snapshots - [imagery only]

RFD Focus - Bringing the outside, in. - interior design and architecture
RFD Focus - Bringing the outside, in.
RFD Focus - Bringing the outside, in. from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Potted plants are not exactly a thing of the future when it comes to office design. However, here at RFD we have noticed a recent increase in the amount of designs that essentially bring elements from the natural environment into the workplace.It is claimed that plant life can decrease stress levels, reduce fatigue and enhance productivity by 12%. This can be introduced on a number of different scales and through a collection of mediums. For example, inside Bausch and Lombs newly designed Warsaw offices, greenery is added to relaxation spaces through the use of living walls. Not only do these features add to the aesthetics of the place, they effectively improve a buildings thermal insulation. Google Tel Aviv have an internal orange grove where real orange trees appear to grow out of the floor! This effect has been replicated through the use of commercial products in the Hub Sydney Offices. Green 'grass - like' carpet compliments natural, raw wooden furniture thus creating a less literal indoor / outdoor feel. Bringing the outdoors inside not only helps inspire employees within the workplace, but as previously mentioned it enhances the well being of them too proving that an old design technique can be modernised to create beautiful office spaces.

RFD Focus - Bringing the outside, in.

13. Horizon Media - New York, USA - content from ArchDaily

Horizon Media - New York, USA - interior design and architecture
Horizon Media - New York, USA
Horizon Media - New York, USA from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Shortly after completing a major renovation in downtown Manhattan, Horizon Media was ready to expand. The original design concepts– creating an open work environment encouraging collaboration, casual interaction, and communication in a beautiful workspace- were so successful that Horizon challenged a+i to push those ideas further; Horizon wanted a “new way of working” for their digital media group. In response, the expansion includes spaces that challenge the typical notion of the open office, as well as amenity spaces that contribute to the well-being of the employees. The expansion space includes a terrace transformed from an uninhabitable roof to an integrated indoor/outdoor space used by the entire company. The existing window openings were converted to bi-folding glass doors, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and out. Set apart by a change in floor level, the terrace area bleeds into the game room, another flexible amenity. An 80-person linear desk accommodates the entire digital group in a highly collaborative work area. Continuing Horizon’s goal of a productive and healthy workspace, the expansion includes an employee Wellness Center. A sculptural screen and planter near the entry provide privacy to the workout area while maintaining the openness and access to light. Throughout the space, the play of reflective surfaces and natural materials enhances the sense of light, openness, health, and well-being.

Horizon Media - New York, USA

12. Belgo Seeds Offices - Kortrijk, Belgium - content from The Cool Hunter

Belgo Seeds Offices - Kortrijk, Belgium - interior design and architecture
Belgo Seeds Offices - Kortrijk, Belgium
Belgo Seeds Offices - Kortrijk, Belgium from RFD [red frog design ltd]

The 150 square meter office is located in Kortrijk, Belgium, in a historically important, restored textile weaving factory from the early part of 1900. Vincent Van Duysen Architects handled not only the restoration of the space but also the interior design, and the design of much of the furniture. The brick ceiling and cast-iron columns are restored nods to the industrial past of the building, while the dark timber wall paneling, light oak floors and soft hues of fabrics and furnishings add a comfortable feel. Most of the furniture was custom-designed by Vincent Van Duysen including the desks, all storage units and the pendant lighting. The office chair used in this project is the brown leather version Van Duysen’s design for Bulo. The coffee table is a custom version of Van Duysen’s Surface for B&B Italia:.

Belgo Seeds Offices - Kortrijk, Belgium

11. Fresh design keeps ASOS innovative - content from Mix Interiors

Fresh design keeps ASOS innovative - interior design and architecture
ASOS Fresh and cool modern commercial interior office design
ASOS Fresh and cool modern commercial interior office design from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Greater London house is a stunning Egyptian revivalist Art Deco building and home to ASOS since 2007. The atrium boasts a striking double-height ceiling and joins the reception, kitchen and breakout zone, with a brand new staircase that ascends to the second floor. With a focus on internal communication, the fast growing on-line fashion and beauty chain, strove to achieve a venue where the team can innovate together. The layout is flexible and adaptable, has nine photographic studios and even a catwalk.

ASOS Fresh and cool modern commercial interior office design

10. Nike’s London Headquarters get quirky resdesign - content from Design Taxi

Nike’s London Headquarters get quirky resdesign - interior design and architecture
Nike cool office design of reception
Nike cool office design of reception from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Sportswear multinational Nike have refreshed the interior design of its UK HQ with the assistance of London based creative agency Rosie Lee. The project used the brand's wealth of product design history as a creative catalyst. Each of the three floors has a distinct theme, drawing from the images and text related to each product, such as Air Jordan and Air Max 180. Particularly striking is the reception area, with it's hand-drawn murals, showing key London buildings and icons. Graphics and quotations complete up the lively visuals.

Nike cool office design of reception

9. Szwalnia by Karina Wiciak - Commercial Restaurant Design - content from De Zeen Magazine

Szwalnia by Karina Wiciak - interior design and architecture
Commerical interior redesign
Commerical interior redesign from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Szwalnia, which means "sewing room" in Polish, was designed by Karina Wiciak of design studio Wamhouse as the eighth in a twelve-part series of imagined interiors that includes a design based on a slaughterhouse. "This design was inspired by everything related to tailoring, but applied in a more symbolic manner," said the designer. Each overlapping white surface is edged with dashed black lines, giving the impression that parts have been sewn together to form the rooms. This motif is also used on the bar and bases of glass-topped tables. The space is divided by curtains of blue fabric, which is also hung behind the bar and draped over stairs. Rows of giant tailor's pins are stuck into the floor to create banisters and balustrades. Stools and chairs are reminiscent of oversized pin cushions. Lamps shaped like curtain tassels hang from the ceiling and bobbins are mounted on the walls.

Commerical interior redesign

8. SYZYGY office, Frankfurt - content from FX Magazine

SYZYGY office, Frankfurt - interior design and architecture
Interior design excellence from Frankfurt
Interior design excellence from Frankfurt from RFD [red frog design ltd]

HI-MACS was the material of choice to create a space within a space for this new office. Designers at 3deluxe created light openings and milled into it for backlighting. Client: SYZYGY Germany Design: 3deluxe Size: 950 sq m Completion time: Nine months

Once upon a time occupying 'the corner office' was the zenith of many an office worker's aspirations; these days the brightest and best are more likely to chose a workplace for its propensity for fun and collaboration - especially if they work in the digital media industry.

With fierce competition to bag the best workers, even small digital-media companies are pulling out all the stops to create unusual and unforgettable workplaces.

This was the case when SYZYGY, a media agency in Frankfurt, approached architecture practice 3deluxe with a brief to redesign its office. 'The client wanted a space that would attract young creatives and would also help the agency to secure new business,' says 3deluxe.

Other than that, the brief was open. 'We were asked to create a place where formal and informal communication, as well as work and break activities, can take place side by side, and staff and clients share the same space,' say the designers.

3deluxe created a soft-looking amorphous structure made of white HI-MACS. Inside it is the reception desk as well as areas for informal working, breakout areas and a waiting area for visitors.

At 22m long, this room-within-a-room is described by 3deluxe as 'the communicative heart of the agency.' Its ultra modern-looking architecture is also designed to contrast with the original features of the office, which is in a 19th-century building from the period known in Germany as promoterism, and which was stripped out for the refurbishment.

Mostly in white, the HI-MACS structure has rounded windows, which give views into the rest of the office and in turn allow natural light from the actual office windows to permeate the structure; plants have been placed between the structure and the office windows to add some colour to the otherwise neutral space and to give a natural counterpoint to the ultra-modern- looking design.

The agency's logo has been CNC-milled into the front of the reception counter and is backlit by green LEDs to reference the green in the company's corporate identity.

Lighting and furniture, including a table topped with olive wood veneer, are integrated into the structure.

3deluxe often uses smooth sculptural elements in its architecture and the designers say HI-MACS, a composite material made of stone and acrylic, was perfect material for this purpose. 'We often choose acrylic mineral material for our projects because it represents our design language very well. We wanted to integrate jointless, dynamic forms with resistant surfaces, and this material can also be relief-milled to enable light to pass through it.'

There's no doubt that the structure will make a big first impression with visitors, but it is also designed to be functional, say the designers. Two differently sized seating sections, equipped with tablet computers, are used for conferences and presentations, while a lounge area is used as a 'multimedia experimentation area' in which the staff can test the various developments they have been working on. Employees can transfer new concepts, the current project status or sources of inspiration, on to a virtual pinboard and project the content on to the free-form structure via a gesture-controlled projector. This manner of presentation reflects the 'creative and playful character of the design process' says 3deluxe.

Beyond the structure, is a lounge area is screened off by a piece of furniture, also made of HI-MACS. Dual purpose, it has a coat closet one side and a coffee bar the other. The coffee bar area is defined by a white-cast epoxy resin floor, while all other office zones have been fitted with carpet.

'The floor covering design corresponds to the flowing lines of the interior fittings,' say the designers. Carpet in two tones of grey was used to create a pattern of flowing shapes inspired by the structure made of HI-MACS.

3deluxe says that SYZYGY's staff are very happy with the newly designed office, but because the brief also asked for workplace that would attract potential new employees, 3deluxe decided to post pictures of the office on Facebook to gauge the reaction.

'The first reactions of Facebook users to the pictures of SYZYGY has been completely positive,' say the designers. 'Many people said they were interested in working in an office like this and so we are very satisfied that we've done our job.'

7. RFD help Reckitt Benckiser refresh interior corporate identity - content from RFD

RFD help Reckitt Benckiser refresh interior corporate identity - interior design and architecture
Hull Interior design consultancy
Hull Interior design consultancy from RFD [red frog design ltd]

Hull-based interior design consultancy RFD upgraded the Reckitt Benckiser interior corporate identity in line with their recent corporate brand refresh. The uplifting colours and modern, fresh fixtures and fittings help create a unique and contemporary environment for their staff and clients to work and do business. They believe that conceptual visualisations provide the opportunity to tune into the clients ideas and they help everybody understand the overall scheme. Once the design has been modelled in 3D we can set a series of cameras around the environment to create still images or a movie animation. Working closely with the senior management team, RFD created a slick corporate interior environments and interactive meeting suites, forging closer connections with the Reckitt Benckiser staff.

Hull Interior design consultancy